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Cryptocurrency predictions 2018: prices are volatile, so where are they headed, IG AU

Cryptocurrency predictions 2018: prices are volatile, so where are they headed, IG AU

Fred Schebesta, founder of Finder.com, says c ryptocurrencies will proceed to grow te price and adoption te 2018, and predicts that another rollercoaster rail is te the offing.

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Cryptocurrency market

2018 wasgoed a big year for cryptocurrencies. Significant rallies te coins such spil bitcoin, ethereum, and ripple have caught the media’s attention, while listings on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and Chicago Houtvezelplaat Options Exchange (CBOE) have gone some way te providing legitimacy to this fresh asset type. Some people, such spil Finder.com CEO Fred Schebesta, believe that thesis cryptocurrencies will proceed to grow te price and adoption, but whether or not 2018 proves to be another breakthrough year is yet to be seen.

There are certainly a number of potential positives on the horizon. The back-end technology is leisurely gaining momentum, with more and more development time being waterput into resolving some scalability issues. While institutional investment could see a significant uptick if market request for safety and security te holding significant value is matched. Live applications on the Ethereum network, while better on ramps and use cases for other cryptocurrencies, are certainly scheduled for 2018.

Regulation could play a big part ter curbing any upward price act, however, if a major player such spil China were to lift any negative regulations regarding cryptocurrencies, then their prices could boom. Given the historical volatility on thesis cryptocurrencies, it would seem the only thing that’s certain is that 2018 will be a rollercoaster rail.

Schebesta is forecasting bitcoin to be $50,000 by the end of the year, and Ethereum $5000.

Cryptocurrency futures

From a legitimacy point of view, the CME and CBOE futures would need to see significant increases te liquidity and open rente to indeed become a legitimate part of the crypto pie, but now the listing is quoted, all that may be required is time.

Pricing cryptocurrencies

Going forward, wij will require a better way to measure cryptocurrencies, and how to price them. Factors such spil market cap, price to earnings (PE) ratios and earnings before rente, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) are dated, and should be left to the equity markets. Wij don’t value gold or oil by market cap, so why do wij apply the same to a cryptocurrency or crypto commodity? Tax hash rate (processing power) growth, address growth, transaction fees, blocktime, and block prizes may all sound alien now, but ter the future thesis may be used spil the cornerstone of an analyst’s report on cryptocurrencies? Spil with all things, this will take time, but until then, 2018 could be the year wij see this asset type indeed switch.

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