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Source NEWEST Pre Orders AM200 Ethereum Miner Batch1 200MH

Source NEWEST Pre Orders AM200 Ethereum Miner Batch1 200MH

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NEWEST Pre Orders AM200 Ethereum Miner Batch1 200MH/s Can for all GPU Coin GPU MINER ETC mining

Built-in Ten high-speed force plate count

Low operating temperature, low power consumption, long life cycle

ETH-speed calculation algorithm is compatible with 99%

Plane vormgeving, lighter to use stuffing

Split Pluggable force plate count, lighter to maintain

Low-noise vormgeving, to prevent strong noise

you can also host the miner te china farm to save the shipping cost and low electronics toverfee,Just voeling mij for more information!

AM200 Specifications:

Can for all GPU Coin

Hash Rate: 200MH / s ±, 5% (mineral pool technicus force)

Power: Platinum Power 730W (wall) boxes to send power 810W (wall)

Energy efficiency: platinum power Three.7W / MHS boxes get power Four.1W / MHS

Temperature: 58-61 degrees core (ambient 30 degrees)

Noise: 57 dB (environment 32 db)

Cooling: 8 0.48A 6CM fan

Operating instructions: 14 LED status indicator

Network connection: Ethernet port (compatible with Wi-Fi is available since the purchase)

Power input: 12V DC Four 6Pin PCIE power connector (just take Two)

Mining machine specifications: 517mm * 125mm * 63mm

Controller Specifications: 122mm * 122m * 50mm

Total Products: Five.5KG

International items may be subject to customs processing and extra charges.

Ships to: Worldwide

Wij have our own factory so wij can suggest you the factory price .

Wij have our own company technician who can help you everytime.

Our company–Shenzhen Topline Technology Co., Ltd. Wij are a fresh company established ter 2014, but wij have professional abilities te bitcoin miner. Wij have a professional and hard working team,Our colleagues have two years practice te this field. So that, wij can provide good quality and best service for our customers. At the same time, wij also have our own logistics company, so wij can give you good shipping cost.

1. wij are professional bitcoin miner and litecoin manufacturer.

Two. wij are reliable, skillful and versed.

Trio. wij accept customizable orders.

Four. wij are innovative and can do things that others dare not.

Five. our engineers are skillful and experienced.

Just voeling with mij through email or skype, tell mij which kleuter of miner you are interesting, and then I will tell you the following details.

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