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Who is most likely Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin?

Who is most likely Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin?

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There’s bot a loterijlot of speculation who Satoshi Nakamoto is. What’s for sure is that he/she/they is the inventor of Bitcoin, i.e. the person who published the original Bitcoin paper and created the very first block of the Bitcoin blockchain. If Satoshi traded his Bitcoin for contant, he would also be absurdly rich: Spil of January Nineteen, 2018, Satoshi’s 980,000 bitcoins are worth 11.7 billion US dollars.

Wij don’t know who Satoshi is, but even the speculations about his identity are well worth reading. Here are the most popular theories:

1. The NSA is Satoshi

Bitcoin is a project of American intelligence agencies, which wasgoed designed to provide quick funding for US, British and Canadian intelligence activities ter different countries. [The technology] is ‘privatized,’ just like the Internet, GPS and TOR. Ter fact, it is dollar Two.0. Its rate is managed by the owners of exchanges.

Source: Speech “Modern technologies – the ondergrond for information and cyberwars” at ITMO University St. Petersburg. [Two]

Kasperskaja’s optie is not fresh. Every now and then, someone fresh comes up with “evidence” that Bitcoin wasgoed invented by the NSA / the KGB / Mossad / etc, and that Satoshi Nakamoto is a codename for a group of secret service crypto experts.

However, there’s little evidence for this. Most of thesis stories are most likely just conspiracy theories, or, like ter Kasperskaja’s case, [Russian] reclame. [Trio]

Two. Satoshi is Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto / Ontvangstruimte Finney / Nick Szabo

Various journalists have claimed to have identified Satoshi Nakamoto. Te 2014, Newsweek published a lump about Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto, a 64-year old ex-engineer and developer living te Temple City, CA. [Four] They concluded that the language style of Satoshi’s original paper is amazingly fluent for a Japanese individual, and that it’s therefore much more likely that Satoshi is a US citizen. The (at least somewhat) unique style of his Bitcoin source code also suggests that he’s a single individual, and not a group of people.

Andy Greenberg from Forbes straks suggested that crypto experienced Ridderzaal Finney wasgoed connected to Satoshi Nakamoto.[Five] Finney wasgoed involved te Bitcoin from the embark, and received the very first test transaction on Jan 12, 2009[6]. Curiously, he also lives te Temple City – just 1.6 miles away from Dorian Nakamoto. Some people even claimed that Finney is Satoshi, but at least Greenberg doesn’t think he is.

When Greenberg visited Finney, Finney showcased him his Gmail account where he frequently exchanged mails with Satoshi ter the early days of Bitcoin. At that time, no one knew that Bitcoin would become such a big thing ter the future. To Greenberg (and to mij) it seems unlikely that Finney would have created a fake email exchange with his alter ego.

Others suggested that Nick Szabo is Satoshi. Te 2005, Szabo published an idea about “Bit Gold” that wasgoed very similar to Bitcoin.[7] Several other things hint at Szabo being Satoshi, however all of them are very speculative te nature. If you want to read more, check out Anonymous’ response to “Is Satoshi Nakamoto truly Nick Szabo?” .

I personally don’t believe that any of the aforementioned – or similar names from the early days of Bitcoin – are Satoshi, even tho’ I would not fully rule out the possibility. The most common counter-argument against Szabo and Dorian Nakamoto is that their writing style doesn’t match with the style of the original Bitcoin paper. So even if they were involved, they were certainly not the people who waterput the idea te writing.

Trio. The NSA knows who Satoshi is

Ter a widely-cited Medium article, Alexander Muse tells the story how the NSA identified Satoshi Nakamoto. [8] Muse claims to have this information from a Homeland Security source, albeit he can’t back this up with any facts.

Muse writes that the NSA used stylometry, i.e. the analysis of the writing style, to identify Satoshi. Stylometry had already bot used to compare Finney’s, Szabo’s, and Dorian Nakamoto’s writing style with Satoshi (with a negative result). However, Muse states that thesis efforts only had a puny dataset of publicly available posts, whereas the NSA used a front-door access to all Google and Yaho user accounts and their copies of gegevens flows across fiber optic cables spil a ondergrond for their analysis. Ter other words, the NSA is supposed to have matched all Gmail and Yahoo messages with Satoshi’s paper and forum posts.

Why? Muse writes that the NSA desired to make sure that Satoshi wasn’t an smeris of Russia or China.

According to Muse, the NSA eventually got a positive match, and identified Satoshi. Muse doesn’t say what they did with this information.

What made mij wonder: If a Forbes reporter could just walk to Finney and see real emails with the original Satoshi, why would the NSA need to undertake such an expensive analysis? After all, they could just have checked out Finney’s Gmail account to identify Satoshi’s original account.

Four. Satoshi is a private person / group of private persons and wants to stay hidden

One of the greatest puzzles ter Satoshi’s mystery is why he doesn’t contant te his Bitcoin fortune. Many believe that this has to do with his desire to stay private.

Already at the foundation of Bitcoin, Satoshi took superb effort to conceal his identity (most likely because he didn’t know if what he wasgoed doing wasgoed legal). Even if he would metselspecie ter just a petite portion of his Bitcoin fortune, this might jeopardize his privacy – and the implications of that could be disastrous.

The media would hunt him down to get insights into his life. Secret services all overheen the world would observe him. And after all, he’d still have access to a billion-dollar Bitcoin wallet (or a well-filled bankgebouw account), which would make him a prime target for criminal organisations all overheen the world. The news that Pavel Lerner, analyst of crypto exchange Exmo Finance, wasgoed kidnapped by Ukranian gangsters, certainly didn’t help to switch Satoshi’s mind. [9]

What is true? You got to make up your own mind. I personally think it’s most plausible that Satoshi wants to stay private and will never open “Pandora’s Box” by selling some of his bitcoins. By now, Satoshi might spil well already be dead, or have lost or ruined the private key to his wallet.

The thought of this actually gives mij some kleintje of convenience. Wouldn’t it be nice if Satoshi valued his ordinary life and his privacy that much that he didn’t care about all the money?

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