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X11 ASIC profitability – Crypto Mining Blog

X11 ASIC profitability - Crypto Mining Blog

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X11 ASIC Miners Daily Profitability At the Uur

It seems that there are already more than enough X11 ASIC miners available te order to essentially kill the profitability and make the purchase of a fresh X11 ASIC unprofitable on the long run. So what remains is the purchase of a petite and affordable X11 ASIC miner for hobby miners that are not there just for the profit like most other miners are. Here is a quick check for the different X11 ASIC miners to see what daily profit you can expect via the What to Mine service. It seems that among the more established X11-based coins (they are not many and that is one of the problems for X11 ASICs) presently the most profitable one is Adzcoin (ADZ) followed by the leasing of your X11 hashrate at Nicehash and mining for DASH is a few steps below.

PinIdea DR-1 500 MHS X11 ASIC Miner:

– Adzcoin (ADZ) – $11.52 USD omschrijving vanaf Day

– Nicehash X11 – $7.05 USD omschrijving vanaf Day

– DASH – $6.39 USD omschrijving vanaf Day

iBeLink DM384M 384 MHS X11 ASIC Miner:

– Adzcoin (ADZ) – $8.84 USD omschrijving vanaf Day

– Nicehash X11 – $Five.42 USD omschrijving vanaf Day

– DASH – $Four.95 USD omschrijving vanaf Day

Baikalminer 150 MHS X11 ASIC Miner:

– Adzcoin (ADZ) – $Three.42 USD omschrijving vanaf Day

– Nicehash X11 – $Two.09 USD omschrijving vanaf Day

– DASH – $1.87 USD omschrijving vanaf Day

PinIdea DU-1 9 MHS X11 ASIC Miner:

– Adzcoin (ADZ) – $0.21 USD omschrijving vanaf Day

– Nicehash X11 – $0.13 USD omschrijving vanaf Day

– DASH – $0.11 USD omschrijving vanaf Day

The numbers above are based on the current exchange rate and do not include power costs for running the miner, so they are for the revenue you get from the miner, not the actual profit that remains when you deduct the power costs. Spil you can clearly see the X11 ASIC miners are already pretty expensive compared to what they are able to produce te terms of daily earnings. If the situation remains like that you might be looking at something getting close to a year to get back your investment before commencing to actually earn something on top, and things will most likely get even worse before (if) they embark to get better. So if you already have an X11 ASIC miner you might want to either sell it or look for fresh coin launches that may improvised increase your mining profits. People that are not yet aware of the presence of X11 ASIC miners on the market that are rapidly enlargening the hashrate should leave behind about mining X11 with their GPUs.

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The Current State of X11 ASIC Miners and the X11 Market

If you are ter the market for X11 ASICs then you might want to reconsider spil the profitability at the ogenblik is nothing like when the very first batch of iBeLink X11 miners commenced shipping. Now iBeLink is shipping to customers their 2nd batch with a limit of up to Trio miners vanaf customer and PinIdea, another company also embarked shipping their swifter and more power efficient miners (1 vanaf customer), however they had some shipping issues, so there could be delays. Zometeen this month, bijzonder from the large 384 MHS ASIC from iBeLink and the 500 MHS from PinIdea, wij are waiting the release of smaller single chip USB X11 ASIC miners from PinIdea te the range of about 8 MHS vanaf device to help the decentralization.

On the pic above is a quick check of the current profit for miners using X11 ASICs from iBeLink, selling your hashrate is still the most profitable, but not by much compared to directly mining for DASH. You are going to be getting about 0.05 BTC or about $25 USD or about Three.Five DASH vanaf day with that X11 ASIC at today’s rates, but you can expect that the profit will go down with more mining hardware becoming available.

This is the situation with the quicker and more power efficient X11 ASIC miner from PinIdea, quicker and more energy efficient, but also more expensive to purchase. You can expect to get about 0.65 BTC or about $32 USD or about Four.6 DASH vanaf day with that X11 ASIC miner at today’s rates and the numbers will also go down with more miners getting released.

The problem with the release of a lotsbestemming of X11 ASIC mining hardware is that the X11 market is still relatively puny with only Dash having a very strong and big network at the uur and not that many “big” X11 other altcoins, not that many ter overall spil well. Spil a result te the brief term wij might see a decline ter the profitability for X11 especially with more big ASIC miners coming online and even tho’ GPU miners would begin moving away from X11 you should still cautiously consider to invest or not ter X11 ASIC hardware at the uur. On the long term however wij expect to see the transition of X11 from GPUs to ASIC miners and tho’ it may be a bumpy road, hopefully things will not get out of mitt and a loterijlot of X11 hashrate getting centralized ter the palms of few essentially leading to the loss of user rente te everything X11 and coins forking to other algorithms.

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X11 Mining Profitability Skyrocketing on NiceHash

Some very good news for the very few owners of the very first batch of iBeLink DM384M X11 ASIC miners, but also for GPU miners spil well – X11 mining profitability on NiceHash has skyrocketed ter the last hours and is still keeping high. Selling X11 hashrate on NiceHash has bot the most profitable long term choice since the beginning of this month and the preferred choice for the 50 fortunate owners of the very first batch of iBeLink X11 ASICs. Today however wij are witnessing the X11 profitability more than doubling compared to what it wasgoed just a few days ago.

Now, some people are considering that X11 is already a lost cause for GPU mining, but it is too early for that spil there are still very few X11 ASIC miners available and with high profitability increase like the one at the ogenblik you should take advantage even with GPUs, let alone to miss the chance if you have an ASIC miner ter your forearms. The next batch of iBeLink X11 ASICs is expected around mid-May and even then the number of available units will most likely be petite spil compared to what wij have seen with LTC ASIC miners fooling the market when they very first appeared. So if you are not mining Ethereum or Decred with your GPUs you might want to check the profitability for X11 for your GPU mining equipments, and even if you are mining ETH or DCR you might still check if this X11 peak will not be more profitable on the brief run.

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